Methanol Fuel Blending Guidelines

As more and more countries around the world are embracing methanol fuel blending as a prime alternative to gasoline, the volumes of methanol used are steadily increasing.  Millions of tons of methanol are utilized in transportation each year in blends ranging from just a few percent to pure M100.  
In order to assist companies, refineries and retail locations, MI has worked with leading experts in the field to develop these two guiding documents that assist in efforts to blend methanol with gasoline for commercial sale.
The first of these documents - Methanol Gasoline Blends - is targeted at refineries and terminal operators – and offers input and guidance for blending with gasoline, improving gasoline mixes, and distribution information.  
The second document that we are making available - Methanol Use in Gasoline - offers guidance about the blending, storage and handling of methanol and gasoline.  This offers more targeted information than is available in other methanol resources, specifically tailored for distributors and those selling gasoline blends to consumers.

We also make these documents available in multiple languages to assist with fuel blending efforts around the globe.  

Spanish: These two documents together offer a solid foundation for those interested in engaging in methanol fuel blending.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.